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how it works :


tell me what you need

Select an option and submit it to me.


i will gather your request

Based on your list, I will gather your request


delivered to your doorstep

I'll bring your request, you pay: receipt + delivery fee

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Life Made Easy is here to make your life easier, thats our goal.

greg delivers :

The Delivery Process:

  • Select an option
  • I will shop for you
  • I will bring you the receipt
  • You pay at your doorstep: receipt price + delivery fee.
  1. Option 1: Manually

  2. Create your shopping list
  3. Alert me that your list is ready via phone or email
  4. Tell me where you would like me to shop.
  5. I will pick up your list and go shopping for you.
  1. Option 2: Electronically

  2. Fill out the delivery form below and click "SUBMIT"
  3. As simple as that!

testimonials :

I work full time and have 2 children under the age of 10. Shopping takes twice as long and always costs me more when I have to bring them with me. My weekends are now freed up to do family events. The $20-$30 shop/delivery fee is worth every penny to not have to get groceries anymore.

LK in Carson City, NV

I have no vehicle, and getting a friend to drive me requires me fitting into their schedule. Life Made Easy comes when I call, and always fits into my schedule. And at half the price of calling a Taxi.

LC - Carson City, NV

How'd it go? Fantastic! I used the website last night to provide my contact info and shopping list. Within an hour or so, Greg contacted me and we agreed on a delivery time for this morning. Very easy! Greg showed up on time and delivered exactly what I had asked for. He is friendly and professional, and as a woman living alone I felt very comfortable having him in my home. He brought all of the purchases inside efficiently. I used his service to buy heavy and bulky items that I hate having to tote home myself, and he has definitely made my life easier.

PC - Angies List

I am officially homebound. I can't drive anymore. My children live in Reno, and have to plan a day on the weekend to come help me. Life Made Easy is wonderful. Greg picks up my list, clarifies any questions, and within 2 hours my shopping is done. My groceries are paid for up front, the receipt is given to me for review, and then I let Greg write the check, because I shake to bad. He puts my Mail into my mailbox for sending, and brings my garbage cans back to my porch. He has been so good to me.

MB - Carson City, NV

I had surgery, and was confined to my house. No friends or relatives nearby. I called Home Instead Senior Care about delivering groceries to me, and they referred me to Life Made Easy. I went to the website and placed my grocery order. Within 10 minutes Greg called me and setup a delivery time. My groceries arrived on time, and in good condition. I called Home Instead back and thanked them for the referral. I am using Life Made Easy again in the future.

delivery form :

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